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The Lithium-Ion Battery: Power King or Pretender?

It happened again! All too frequently we encounter lithium-ion battery fails. Why?

Can a beautifully conceived, designed and amazingly engineered wonder car—an idea whose time has definitely come—get taken down by a flawed battery? And maybe an entire industry along with it?

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Bonfires of the Teslas?

NEWS: Current Thinking

What's poor yet upwardly mobile with the best-performing economy...not only in Asia but  worldwide? The enigma that is India.
How will its  brilliant technology and  expertise converge  with that due east?


Youthful, energetic and brimming with disruptive ideas, skills and creative drive, the ASEAN community of nations offers unique capabilities and resources vital to the future of  the continent. 



Advanced technical leadership will originate in East Asia. Each country possesses its own special brand of innovation and invention necessary for the transformation of both work and society for all of Asia.


​Nowhere else on the planet will experience such massive adoption, implementation and use of robot-driven automation than in Asia.  Join us as we chronicle those changes and their impact on  3.5 billion people.