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​Calling a spade a spade
Just exactly what is the Asian Century, and shouldn’t it really be called the China Century?

It’s like the China Century is on the tip of everyone’s tongue yet no one dares to utter the name aloud for fear of offending an old friend or ally or giving China too much credit for something that many feel it doesn’t deserve or hasn’t earned.

Recognition of China might also put a stick of doubt in the spokes of the massive, seven-years-in-coming
Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement (China is not a party to the TPP) that slides the U.S. into greater prominence with the countries of the Pacific Rim.

The current thinking sees the TPP riding into Asia as it, in turn, slides into position as the economic center of the world. 

The Asian Century





Unexpected leadership and the Xi Jinping effect

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The Asian Century