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Asian Robotics, Automation & Business News Index: 2017

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Serendipity is the reason for our Article Index here at Asian Robotics Review. It’s the kind of physical space where visitors can encounter something that they didn’t think they were interested in until they actually stumbled upon it.

We’re thrilled with its popularity, which is well beyond our expectations. Thousands of visitors have now trekked through the pages of article headlines and sub-heads that cover our two years of existence (2016-2017).

Article Index 2016-2017

November 2017

First of a multi-part article series on the Littler Washington Roundtable
Washington Roundtable: Automation, Robotics & AI
Workplace Transformation and the Reinvention of Work

Xi, Robots & the Next Five Years
Opportunities for Robotics in Asia Totally Unprecedented

Third of a 3-part series on Canadian robotics
Canadian Robotics: Ingenuity and Practicality
On the road to find out: Toronto/Montreal to the Maritimes

October 2017

The Lithium-Ion Battery: Power King or Pretender?
Should robots, EVs and autonomous vehicles beware their energy supplies?

Investor Billions Return to Spark India’s High Tech
Second time around: Investors are back again at the trough of Indian technology startups

Second of a 3-part series on Canadian robotics
Canadian Robotics: Ingenuity and Practicality
On the road to find out: Vancouver to Waterloo

After 12 Years, AIBO’s Out of SONY’s Doghouse! 
What next? Is it too late to recapture the magic that made this robot dog loved by so many?

Looking to Make a Fortune Investing in Robotics?
For 2018, big winners rare while broad, quick growth settles in to stay awhile

Siemens Encamps Global Robot Research HQ in China
Manufacturing gets an upgrade as robots, automation and manufacturing converge and merge

September 2017

The Man Who Created an Industry
Mr. Cobot: Is Esben Østergaard the Henry Ford of Robotics? 
Arguably the creator of the cobot industry that democratized industrial robots for the rest of us

First of a 3-part series on Canadian robotics
Canadian Robotics Muscles into Prime Time
A robotics ecosystem that was always very good is now wow! Why?

Lean Robotics: Factory in a Hotel Ballroom
Robotiq’s user conference launches “Lean Robotics” and puts forty cobots to work getting “lean”

Goodbye, Shanzhai: The Future of Innovation in Asia
Industrial innovation: Out of labs and onto the factory floor 

The Original Big-Screen Dystopia Turns 90
Metropolis and Maria ninety years on can still pull audiences (1927-2017)

Are Robots the Remedy for Asia's Lonely Hearts?
With loneliness rising to alarming levels, how about lonely hearts clubs where humans and robots hook up for lifelong companionship? 

Welcome to 2018
The Year of the "Smart" Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing

​​August 2017

Guess Who’s Driving China's Robot Revolution?
Already spreading billions of dollars all over East and Southeast Asia, China’s middle-class largesse is about to go into hyperdrive as robot-driven automation gets cranking

The Day the Cobot Stopped: Lemon Laws for Cobots?
The ubiquitous cobot? By 2025 there will be 840,000 kicking around…annually!

Using K-Pop and Other Offbeat Stuff to Promote Robot Skills Training
Why not use some “disruptive” pizzazz to promote robotics training and education? It’s not now, and it shows

Part Five: Magical Mystery Tour
KUKA: Total Access for China’s Robot Insider 

China and KUKA team up for a magical mystery tour into robotics, AI, and a massive high-tech IP database

Will China’s Current Five-Year Plan Be Its Greatest Ever?
If so, somewhere prominent will reside a massive statue of an industrial robot covered in lotus flowers and orchids…and gawked at by schoolchildren​

​​Robots, Automation, and the Kra Canal Project
Often proposed, never attempted, the $28B project has now taken on special meaning

Part Four: China’s Robot Reply

China's Reply: Aim High, Be Bold

Will foreign robot suppliers dominate China's million-plus factories?

Part 2 of 2-Part Series

Dr. Song’s All-Korean, Olympic, Robot Team
Korean service robots to get biggest introduction ever: showcasing their “services” to 3.1 billion global viewers

July 2017

Part 1 of 2-Part Series

Korean Robots Go for Gold at 2018 Olympics
Winter Games to feature a dozen service robots in first-ever appearance 

What If There Was a Ship Called the SS CobotWorld?
Come this September, Quebec will see a mini-CobotWorld for three days. Maybe it should be permanent.

Hey, Asia! Are You Watching Yourself Change?
It’s amazing and it’s happening faster than anyone thought possible

Part Three: Robot Parts Bonanza
Robot Parts: Critical Importance Amid Explosive Growth
Factory of the Future would grind to a halt without them

Part Two: The Guru of Shanghai
Forecast for Industrial Robots Through 2020
Georg Stieler’s purview on robot automation after six years in China

Part One: Grins & Gains
Robot Blast Off: China Spends Its Way to Victory 
Tremors in Tokyo, and it’s not an earthquake

We’ve Got Liftoff…Finally!
1H2017 was the countdown we've all been waiting to hear. Give Japan and China all the credit for getting things off the ground in a very big way

Serendipity: Creating Value Through Unexpected Encounters 
The exact opposite of how algorithm-driven search engines in our age of exactitude want humans to spend their time, especially in the workplace