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Our news beat is smack in the heart of where robotics and automation are colliding with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and where governments, business, commerce, industry and people are all working together—at a breakneck pace!—to make it all happen: Asia. Best of all, Asia is making it all happen on its own, and faster than anyone would ever have believed possible.

Asian Robotics Review is honored and privileged to be able to chronicle those events

and then to share them first within Asia, and then with the rest of the world.

Chronicling the greatest technological transformation in history: The Asian Century

Asian Robotics Review
Specializing in Asia by Covering the Globe  ​

Tom Green  汤姆·格林
Founder 创始人
Asian Robotics Review LLC
Boston | Bangkok | Beijing | Bombay



We are a  brand new publication...but we have over two decades of global as well as Asia-proven news gathering and editorial experience in robotics and automation technology.

Asia and its 3.5 billion people are undergoing  profound change to industry, business and society now and especially so over  the next twenty years. Automation, driven by robotics,  is the dynamic force behind it all. Asia has become the world's test lab of automation and change. 

Join us on this amazing journey of discovery as Asia embraces technology in order to change the way it lives and goes to work.

Join us at Asian Robotics Review as we specialize in Asia by covering the globe…for you!

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