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“Industry 4.0 will be a total transformation of the economy. Whether one chooses to embrace it or not, it is inevitable. We need to organize ourselves to participate in and make plans for it.”   Wilfred Madius Tangau, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (Malaysia)

Asian Robotics Review chronicles those changes as well as the critical effects of change on the lives of people who work and raise families there. Our brand of technology news and information always follows automation and robotics…but always in context with how that technology affects the people, their cultures, societies, governments and institutions that make Asia great.

Every day work styles, lifestyles, family, friends and colleagues undergo profound change as robot-driven automation arrives and alters the landscape everywhere it touches.

Resist through robotics
It’s easy to become a victim of technology. We merely need to do nothing, and let the future overwhelm us. In the process, we make ourselves irrelevant.

With just a little effort on the part of each and every one of us, we can overcome the dark side of the technologies that we create.

Marshall McLuhan said that “The spoken word was the first technology by which man was able to let go of his environment in order to grasp it in a new way.”

Robots and automation technology are making us the very same offer.  Let's take it!

OccupyTomorrow is simply about gaining enough of an understanding and mastery of automation technology in order to avoid becoming its victims.

Wondering what tomorrow looks like outside your window? Take a peek through ours!

Here’s what things look like through our window:

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​​Asia is changing…fast! while history watches and rewrites itself.

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